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January 21, 2018 10:00 AM

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Our Beliefs

We believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the cross as payment for our sins, and rose from the dead on the third day. We believe that the only way a person can go to Heaven when he dies is to first place his faith in the payment that Jesus Christ provided with His shed blood on the cross. Once a person is saved by putting his faith in Jesus, we are commanded to be baptized by immersion to show to others what took place when we trusted Christ; we do this in obedience, not to save us but to show that we have been saved. We believe in participating in the Lord's Supper on a regular basis to remember the payment Jesus made for us and to express our love to Him for that payment.

We believe that the Bible is 

what it claims to be: the 

Word of God.

We take instruction from the Bible literally; we believe what it is actually saying, not that it is an allegory or a fable. We take instruction from the Bible in the areas of life and faith and go to it for the answers to life. In a day when opinion polls and media agendas steer our social conscience, we believe that we should first seek God's opinion on any subject before forming our own.



From I-40 WEST(Mount Juliet or Nashville): Take exit TN-109 N via EXIT 232B toward Gallatin. Stay on 109 for 3.8 Miles. Merge onto Lebanon Rd/US-70 E and church is on right side after you go under the bridge at 5860 LEBANON RD. 

From I-40 East(Lebanon): Take the TN-109 exit, EXIT 232, toward Gallatin . Turn right onto TN-109 N. Stay on 109 for 3.4 Miles. Merge onto Lebanon Rd/US-70 E and church is on right side after you go under the bridge at 5860 LEBANON RD. 

From Hwy 70 West(Mount Juliet or Nashville): Start out going east on Lebanon Pike/US-70. After you cross over TN-109 church is located on your right at 5860 LEBANON RD .

From Hwy 70 East(Lebanon): Start out going West on Lebanon Pike/US-70. Church is located on your left at 5860 LEBANON RD.

From Hwy TN-109(Gallatin): Continue south on TN-109.  Merge onto Lebanon Rd/US-70 E  via the ramp on the left and church is on right side after you go under the bridge at 5860 LEBANON RD. 

Office Hours:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm or by appointment

Sunday School @ 8:45 am
Worship @ 10:00 am

Children's Activities @ 6:00 pm
Youth Activities @ 6:00 pm
Bible Study @ 6:00 pm


5860 Lebanon Road
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615.547.PRAY
Email: jricherson@westhavenbaptistchurch.com                        



We're Glad You're Here!

We hope your having a great day!  We'd love to help you settle in by giving you a place to belong.  You'll fit right in at West Haven.  We offer excellent programs for people of all ages...

  • Small Groups in Sunday Morning (all ages)
  • Discovery Bible Club for Kids
  • Ladies, Men & Youth Ministries

If you want to know how you and your family can get involved, call us or better yet come see us this weekend! 

Welcome Home!

 Dr. Jonathan Richerson

    Senior Pastor