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9 Jun
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Mid-Week Challenge

The Chicken Sandwich War rages.  If you been out to a fast food restaurant or watched an advertisement recently you have no doubt had a craving for chicken.  Popeye’s started the war a year ago with their new sandwich that had customers lining up around the block, only to be told they were sold out as they came in sight of the counter.  Wendy’s and McDonald’s followed with their chicken offerings and soon after Burger King got into the game.  What’s all the fuss? Why such an interest in chicken all of the sudden.  Well you know, it’s Chick-fil-A’s fault.  The place that only serves chicken, closes on Sunday and still manages to grow faster than the competition and maintain its spot at number three among all fast food offerings.  Oh, and by the way, last year Chick-fil-A was named America's favorite fast-food restaurant for the sixth straight year in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), which is based on interviews with customers. It’s next in line, largest competition, Burger King, finished 12th.
A few years ago some in the media tried to cancel the company because its founder said that he believed in traditional marriage. The company didn’t respond, they just continued to do what they have always done and in the process cemented their place as number three in size and number one in the hearts of diners.  How can they only open six days a week, only serve chicken and have those happy, “my pleasure,” employees in such a good mood all the time?  So naturally the competition is a little sore with Chick-fil-A.  They just can’t figure out why they are so successful.  This ill will and jealousy was on display this week as Burger King took a jab at the chicken giant on twitter by announcing it would make a donation to a LGTQ group in honor of Pride Month for every chicken sandwich it sales.  News outlet USA Today took notice and reported with the headline: "Burger King takes aim at Chick-fil-A with plans to donate to LGBTQ group for every chicken sandwich sold."  The tweet that BK sent out reads:
during #pride month (even on Sundays) your chicken sandwich craving can do good! we are making a donation* to @HRC for every Ch'King sold
Notice: (even on Sundays). They say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” but when that doesn’t work you pour on the sarcasm and insults.  Burger King is known for their brash, in your face, attack ad campaigns.  If you can’t win on quality, try quantity and if that doesn’t work, make it personal.  Most people just laugh at BK’s desperate efforts to be relevant. Others have taken it more personal and have called for boycotts.  But I like Chick-fil-A’s response, don’t respond, listen to your customers and keep doing what you are doing. Their faithful commitment to what has worked in the past is what has allowed them to be who they are today.  It’s not about the chicken; it’s about the customer’s experience.  These restaurants are clean, the staff is polite and the product is dependable.  When will the competition figure out what the rest of us have and the real reason we return; they treat us with respect and they leave their politics out of the experience.  It’s a real simple concept but because Jesus came up with it, it will probably never work.  
So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.  Matthew 7:12   
Serving the Savior,
Bro. Jonathan

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