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16 Jun
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Mid-Week Challenge

“Silence is Golden” – It’s an expression that can mean many different things.  Keeping your mouth shut, a room full of teenagers with headphones on, a simple walk in nature, no news is good news, or the 1964 B-side of the #1 single "Rag Doll".  No matter how you define it, in this hectic world that we live in, a moment of silence is a golden thing!  That is what the leadership in the State of Florida believes.  

On Monday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law requiring public school classrooms to hold a one-minute moment of silence at the beginning of each day to give students an opportunity for "quiet reflection."  The bill requires teachers in first-period classes in all grades to reserve at least one minute (but not more than two minutes) "during which students may not interfere with other students' participation." The new law says teachers may not make suggestions for the moment of silence. It also encourages parents or guardians to discuss, with their children, the "best use of this time." The word "prayer" is not in the new law, although the text of the law allows prayer.  “The idea you can just push God out of every institution and you can be successful, I am sorry our founding fathers did not believe that,” DeSantis said.  

Fourteen states already mandate moments of silence at the beginning of each school day, and seventeen states allow for one although it isn’t required, according to a legislative staff report on the bill. Florida is in the second category, with each school board deciding for itself whether a moment of silence is necessary.  Of course opponents of the bill are worried about religious expression.  Rep. Lori Berman questioned whether students could pull out a rosary, make the sign of the cross or use a prayer rug and wondered if that would make some students uncomfortable. (Maybe if we just had a moment of silence from politicians and let the individual decide what’s best for them?)

Every world religion and atheist organization has admitted or teaches that a moment of silent reflection is good for the individual.  It is sad, however, when antireligious individuals get involved only when they think prayer might be taking place.  Why would these people not embrace something that has been proven to bring calm and clarity?  It’s just one more example of how far those who fear religion will go to insure the idea of God is banned from the public conversation.  What we have discovered is that God will not be silenced. Even He will find glory in touching the soul of the individual when nothing is being said at all.

Pray for the young people of our nation as they enter their summer break and prepare to return to school in the fall.  We all pray together for our school leaders as they work to provide a calming educational environment.  With all they have working against them in this world, lets pray they get their moment of silence to begin their day! 

Let my meditation be pleasing to Him; Psalm 104:34         

Serving the Savior,

Bro. Jonathan


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