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15 Sep
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Mid-Week Challenge

We have all heard preachers say something like, “Christianity is not something you can turn on or off. It’s a lifestyle that should be followed every day.”  Basically, the meaning is we can’t claim to be a Christian on Sunday or when it is convenient and then “turn it off” when we want to live like the world.  This is a stereotype of the individual who comes to church on Sunday so people can see him and then lives like the world every other day of the week.  We all know of people like this but there has never been a legal case calling someone or some group out for practicing this hypocrisy; that is until last week.  

Here’s the background. In 2014, Charlotte Catholic School fired a teacher because he announced on Facebook that he planned to marry his male partner. The school argued that his post showed open disregard for the teachings of the Catholic Church and amounted to activism, which the school prohibits. About the same time a female teacher announced on Facebook that she was engaged to her male partner. She was not fired because neither her post nor her marriage violated the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Religious freedom right? Wrong, in 2020 the Supreme Court ruled that the Civil Rights Act of 1968 protects sexual orientation and gender identity along with biological sex. In other words, if “men” can do something, ‘women” should be able to as well.  But what about religious exemption for Christian schools?  The judge who ruled on the Charlotte Catholic case is District Judge Max Cogburn.  The judge applied the Supreme Court ruling from 2020 stating, “because the school objected to the drama teacher’s announcement that he was marrying a man, but did not object to the female teacher’s announcement she was marrying a man, the school discriminated on the basis of sex.” Again, what about religious exemption for this Christian School??  Upon investigating how “Christian” the school was the court found that Charlotte Catholic failed to be Catholic enough. How so?  As a long-standing practice, the school divides subject areas into “secular” and “religious” categories.  The school discourages teachers of secular subjects from instructing students on any sort of religious subject. The school asks that teachers who teach secular subjects refrain from instructing students on Catholic Doctrine.  Teachers do not have to undergo religious training, do not have to be Catholic, and do not have to be Christian. The administration at Charlotte Catholic does not know the percentage of teachers at the school who are Catholic and does not ask if candidates are Catholic during job interviews.  The judge ruled that since the fired teacher was a drama teacher the religious exemption did not apply to him; thus, he was discriminated against.

What a valuable lesson for those who use the term “Christian” to classify themselves.  You cannot use Christ when He is beneficial to you and abandon Him when He is not.  Just like in the case of the school, individuals are Christian or they are not.  No matter what area of one’s life is at hand, it’s all Christian or it is not at all.  

Today, make sure you are not living a double life. We must be all for Jesus or not at all for Him. The World is watching.   

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”Matthew 6:24

Serving the Savior,

Bro. Jonathan

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