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17 Nov
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Mid-Week Challenge

Did you ever think you would live in a time where the forces of Satan would have anything in common with the People of God?  Well we might just chalk this one up to being another sign of the times.  Last week, pop culture toy company Insight Editions, released a 78-card Disney Villains Tarot Deck featuring Maleficent, Mother Gothel, Scar, and other beloved “evil figures” from Disney’s canon of animated films. 

What’s the controversy, you might ask? Disney has their hands on everything these days, right?  True, but not officially.  Until now, tarot readers who are Disney fans were limited to decks sold on online sites such as Etsy or eBay that repurposed Disney’s original art or homemade replicas to make decks. None of those were officially licensed. This is the first time Disney allowed its characters to be associated with the actual dark arts.  To this date Disney has approached magic and the arts as make-believe and fantasy. Never have they offered their name or likeness to a specific spiritual practice.  

What are Tarot cards, you might ask? According  Tarot cards are small, paper cards that come in a deck, similar to playing cards, and are used for divinatory purposes. Each card represents a different archetypal being or lesson. A person shuffles the cards, then lays them out in a Tarot card spread. Understanding what each Tarot card means when it is revealed can help a person receive an important message or embrace a new perspective in any situation.

With that explanation you might understand why Christians might have a problem but what about those on the other side of the spiritual structure? Drew K. Prince, a pagan and podcaster at Magick Radio Chicago, said, “I don’t think Disney or any corporation should cash in on the magical arts. Whenever anything sacred becomes popularized, it generally becomes kitschy and loses its mystery. They might as well produce Mickey Mouse Jesus dashboard miniatures or Disney-themed Bibles.”  Prince blames the increased adoption of tarot by “hipster” culture. “Hipsters and social climbers use these arts as a license for popularity and making money,” he said. “They are less interested in the way of life than they are in being the center of attention.” 

And there’s the agreement from both sides.  By allowing this, Disney (traditionally a “family values” company) is putting its seal of approval on the actual dark arts, and at the same time mocking the occult by assigning cartoon characters associated with children’s fairytales to the actual representations of recognized Tarot figures. But this is what happens in a godless society.  Nothing is out of bounds if it can make a dollar for someone.  The reality is that the parties coming at it from the spiritual realm might disagree on which is the best path to follow but they both actually believe this stuff is real!   

Disney is on dangerous footing branching into the actual dark arts.  Ouija boards, Tarot, fortunetelling, astrology and the like might be approached with lightheartedness by some, but this realm is no joke.  Both the forces of Satan and the Lord know this is real, and the one thing we have in common is that neither side likes to be mocked.

“Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God.  Leviticus 19:31

Serving the Savior,

Bro. Jonathan

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