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30 Nov
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Mid-Week Challenge

Black Friday has passed, Cyber Monday gone, are you still looking for that perfect Christmas present?  One would think that finding the perfect gift would be no problem in this technology driven society we live in and with shopping days named for the technology we use to find those bargains, but that’s not always the case.  In fact, we find it harder to please those around us by the gifts we swap during the season than ever before.  Honestly, we are too blessed with material goods, and that’s the problem.  But according to the latest report by the American Bible Society there is hope for finding the right gift for the right person.  The reason is that the ABS found that that nearly two-thirds of Bible users prefer a printed edition of Scripture over other versions.  With all the technology on our phones and digital tablets most people would prefer picking up a printed copy of God’s word!   The American Bible Society defines a “Bible user” as someone who reads Scripture at least three or four times a year apart from church. That’s right, ONLY 3 to 4 times a year, that means everyone you probably know! 

“You might think no one is reading printed Bibles anymore. Actually, print is still the Bible format used most often,” an analysis said.  “... People still prefer Bibles in print, but younger generations are leading the way into apps, websites, computer programs, and other digital options.”  Digital formats of the Bible, the report said, “can potentially make it easier to interact with the Bible more frequently.” That’s because only 23 percent of Bible users say they never use a computer Bible program, and 32 percent say they never use a Bible app. Most Bible users, the report says, incorporate both print and digital Bibles into their lives.  “So these digital formats are becoming significant parts of the Bible-reading terrain, taking a place alongside printed Bibles,” the report said. “In addition, digital formats may actually increase the frequency of Bible interaction. Of those who do use Bible apps, about 30 percent do so daily. As people – and especially young people – rely on their phones throughout each day, could Bible apps lead the way to more consistent Scripture engagement?”

Digital Bibles are not going away, in fact they are growing!  The reality is that I find using the tools of the digital versions alongside my open print version to be helpful and time saving when doing research.  Most of these online and phone version apps are FREE! What a great gift idea to give a print version along with suggestions of those available apps! Which version or translation? The best one is the one you READ and understand.  It’s amazing how God uses His inspired written word, translated into so many languages, so many different people groups, and in so many different ways of delivery.  Take advantage, as the Lord provides, this Christmas season and help equip those in your life with the message of eternal life given through Jesus, told to us in Scripture!   

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.  Psalm 119:105

Serving the Savior,

Bro. Jonathan

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