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3 Jun
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Mid-Week Challenge

Amidst all the chaos happening in our world right now something very boring happened at 2:22PM Central last Saturday.  Space X and NASA launched two American astronauts into space from American soil for the first time in over ten years.  Equally as boring was the fact that the rocket that propelled them into space returned safely, upright, on a drone ship at sea.  Another boring launch by Space X is scheduled to take place tonight at 8:25 Central.  The cargo will be another 60 Starlink satellites designed to provide low-cost internet to remote locations around the world.   

Another equally boring event took place this morning 6:28 Central, the sun rose.  A few of you might have been up at that time but probably paid little attention to what was happening because, well, it is just boring.  Compared to other stars in our area, “the Sun is rather tame compared with its stellar siblings.  Hundreds of other sun-like stars in our galaxy have on average five times more magnetic activity than our parent star. In other words, the sun is a bit humdrum,”  that is according to The New York Times.  In a story titled There’s Something Special About the Sun: It’s a Bit Boring the paper reports on a study released Thursday in the journal Science which describes the boring nature of our Sun being the very reason that life exists on our planet.

In their 2004 book, “The Privileged Planet,” Jay Richards and Guillermo Gonzalez list the many features that make our earth, sun, and our corner of the universe uniquely suited for life.  Not only do we have the right kind of star, we are just the right distance from that star. We are at the right location in the galaxy. We are in a solar system with gas giants that shield us from wandering asteroids and comets. We have a moon just the right size to stabilize our axis and create tides and seasons. We are on a planet with land, liquid water, oxygen, plate tectonics, and a molten iron core to generate a magnetosphere. Tally up all these factors, as Richards and Gonzalez do, and it’s a dizzying improbability that we would be here at all: something like 1 out of 1 followed by 15 zeroes.

Out of nothing our God brought order.  That’s why people can go to space and return.  That’s why we are able to do so many boring things each and every day!  Order vs. Chaos, which seems to be the most beneficial to our existence?  The fact that human beings have figured out how to put people in space and return the launch vehicle to a small floating target received less press than the governor of New York’s daily COVID assessments tells us where our interest lay.  The fact that we seem a little disappointed that our Sun is not as “active” as the ones around it might shed some light on where our interest seem to focus.  The fact that some in our country want to highjack religion in a time of civil unrest also shows how far removed we are from being able to critically think through our worldview.

Today, in the midst of all the chaos in our country, thank the Lord that His blessings are so common that they become boring.  Then, ask His forgiveness for taking these things so lightly that we forget how very blessed we are to be alive and forgiveness for our behavior in how we respond to injustice in our world.  Would we respond with violence if the Sun did not rise tomorrow?  Stop and ask yourself what you did yesterday to make sure the sun came up this morning.  Some things we have control over, most we do not. Thank the Lord that it is not up to one of us to make the Sun come up tomorrow.  Ask yourself, what are my actions today accomplishing for the betterment of those in my scope of influence?  You might live a boring life, but to have peace and contentment today is better than a life of chaos and uncertainty about tomorrow.  

A dry crust of bread eaten in peace and quiet is better than a feast eaten where everyone argues.  Proverbs 17:1

Serving the Savior

Bro. Jonathan


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