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5 Aug
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Mid-Week Challenge

With all the jokes I have heard about taking your “dog to the vet” I never thought I would hear a true story about a dog taking himself there.  Why on earth would a dog ever think about returning to that place on his own?  It happened at The Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic in Bang Pu, Thailand.  A little puppy was lost and returned, barking at the door of the office where it had been receiving monthly vaccinations.  

When I was a child my parents told us that if we were ever lost or separated from them to go to a familiar place and wait, they would come looking for us.  I guess for a puppy that principle is true too.  The clinic recognized the puppy and called his owner, who quickly arrived to unite with her lost companion.

Amazing how our mind works when we are desperate.  Even if that young dog might have associated that place with pain, he was smart enough to realize that in his time of need the people there did not mean him harm.  I think about that when I hear people describe feelings on attending a church on a regular basis.  The messages the preacher delivers might sting sometimes and hit home in area of struggle, but in the end the acknowledgment is that the message was needed.  

What would happen if we tried to remove everything in our life that causes us pain or discomfort?  No more doctor visits, no more people in our life who challenge us, no more relationships that required us to think about the needs of others.  What about news reports we didn’t like or opinions we disagreed with? What would we do with red lights and speed limits?  What about seatbelts and vegetables?  Taking this idea to the extreme leads us to some silly conclusions but they are not too far from the outcomes I have seen when it comes to people who give up on church because it makes them uncomfortable at times.   

We should never seek to surround ourselves with nothing but pleasure.  If we are not challenged we will never grow.  We have to find people and places in our life we can return to in a time of instability.  A place that might not always make us comfortable but somewhere we know will make us better.  If you have been out of church for a while let me challenge you to return.  Our world continues to go through some major changes and now more than ever we need a place of stability.  If your last church didn’t do it for you don’t give up altogether.  Even if it stings a little from time to time, if you are hearing from God’s Word, you can bet it will be worth returning to when you feel lost out in the world all on your own! 

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. Psalm 32:7

Serving the Savior,

Bro. Jonathan

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