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16 Sep
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Mid-Week Challenge

One of the more positive outcomes of being in the COVID lockdown is that it has caused Americans to evaluate what they consider important.  A recent poll of 2,000 Americans over age 21 found that isolation has brought about positive changes which have caused most people to re-prioritizing what they value.  55% of respondents admitted that they were embarrassed by some of the things they valued before the quarantine.  Hopefully, a lasting result showed that that 70% said that they had a chance to learn more about themselves.  Relationships and spending quality time with people, creating meaningful connections was the number one discovery.  

People listed things they took for granted: Hugs, shopping in a store, A date night at a restaurant, Attending events in person, having a quiet weekend at home, sending my children off to school in the morning and attending sporting events were the top life experiences mentioned.  

Isn’t amazing to see all the blessings of life around us that go unnoticed until something forces us to acknowledge them? We complain about not having things or being left out but in reality most of the blessings of life go unclaimed.  There is a reason God tells us to take time each week to rest.  To focus on the things we have so that we might recognize where these everyday blessings come from.  If we spent more time enjoying what we have instead of working so hard to gain more we might just be a happier people.  The study reported that over 70% of respondents said the quarantine has made them a better person.  

Let’s pray that we get the message through the latest crisis so that the Lord does not allow something worse to come our way.  Let’s work together to become a people of positive action instead of people who are so busy with self-interest that we miss the blessing of human connection.    

"Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." Mark 6:31

Serving the Savior, 

Bro. Jonathan

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