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2 Jun
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Mid-Week Challenge

Growing up my mom and I loved to keep an aquarium in the house.  We tried our hands at all kinds of freshwater fish and exotic tropical arrangements for them to explore.  Out of all the varieties we tried we had the best experience with simple goldfish.  They were hardy, inexpensive and if you found them at the right time, uniquely colored.  We had gold and white speckled, brown and orange spotted.  We even enjoyed a few bubble eye orange and white ones! I was reading an article today and discovered a type of “gold fish” I had never heard of, the gold wedding ring fish.  After looking at the photos I realized that this was not a new species of fish, it had actually been entangled with a gold wedding ring.  

Earlier this year Suzie Quintal and her husband Nathan Reeves were going for a swim off the coast of Norfolk Island (a tiny Australian island) where they were visiting family, when Nathan realized his wedding ring was missing.  They searched everywhere for it only to accept the fact that it was probably gone forever.  All hope was lost until this week when a local snorkeler, Susan Prior, spotted the missing ring lodged around the body of a mullet fish.  She said she'd heard that a couple had lost their wedding band earlier this year and miraculously was able to track them down on a community Facebook page.  When Nathan and Suzie were contacted by Susan Suzie told her, "I always tell him to take it off before he goes for a swim.  He lost it a day before our second wedding anniversary."  The article goes on to say that locals are now trying to help them get the ring back.  People are now trying to source nets, some have got scuba gear. There is even a team in the glass bottom boat!  Susan went on to tell a local reporter, "I just couldn't believe it. I've got a few friends on the island and they're pretty adamant that they'll find it.  It doesn't worry my husband; he doesn't understand all the fuss. I'm just worried about the poor little fish."

Another report said that the ring was valued at $1000.  The rescue efforts are more expensive and time consuming than the actual value of the ring!!  This simple story reminded me of the great love of God.  You might not value yourself very highly, but God does.  When we come to realize the depths that God went through to save us, His lost children, it is hard for many people to accept. Romans 5:8 tells us, But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

One of the most well-known stories that Jesus told is the story of the Prodigal Son.  The father waits on the front steps looking for the wayward son to return.  When we are not aware or even seeking Christ He is looking, waiting for us to return to Him.  I also love the story, found in the same section of the Bible, about the lost coin.  A lady loses a coin and searches her whole home until it is found.  When she finds it she goes to her neighbors and tells them to rejoice with her that the coin has been found.  

Maybe you are down on yourself at the moment. We are living in some very hard times, but the Creator of the Universe knows where you are and He loves you and wants you to find peace with Him.  When you feel like you are lost to this world, know this; you are never lost to Jesus.  If He can find a lost ring in this vast ocean by using a simple fish, know for certain you are not lost to Him!  

And this is the will of Him who sent Me, that I shall lose none of those He has given Me, but raise them up at the last day. John 6:39

Serving the Savior,

Bro. Jonathan

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